How to install Remastersys with GUI in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and later

In the last post I have discussed how to install Respin, the fork for Remastersys. But I couldn’t install the GUI version of Respin as the deb files provided were broken.

After excessive googling, I got the deb packages for installing the GUI version of old remastersys. This can be done as follows.

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Respin – A fork for Remastersys

Remastersys is a free and open source program for Debian, Ubuntu-based, Linux Mint or derivative software systems that can:

  • Create a customized Live CD/Live USB (a remaster) of Debian and its derivatives.
  • Back up an entire system, including user data, to an installable Live CD/DVD.

But currently the development on remastersys is stopped and even the website is dead.

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How to solve – “error: no such partition entering rescue mode” in Ubuntu Linux

Last day one of my intern showed me some freespaces in his laptop which is having dual windows 8 and our custom ubuntu.

I expanded the adjacent partition to this freespace via gparted.

But when the system is restarted, it started showing some errors as the partition names changed unknowingly.

The error shown was “error: no such partition entering rescue mode”.

I tried a lot of ways and all got in vein. At last I got a simple solution. I really got ashamed of myself seeing the simplicity of the solution.

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