How to solve “files not copied from /etc/skel when remastered Live CD is used”

I am using Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) for customizing / remastering Ubuntu. I need to provide certain instructions to the new installers which have to be displayed in the Desktop. So I copied those files and kept inside /etc/skel as described in the Ubuntu community.

But when I install this remastered CD, it is not showing these files though the files were showing in the live CD.

After a bit googling, I got the solution as a bug in the UCK. This can be solved as given below.

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How to reduce unity panel icon size in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS via terminal

I don’t like the default size of unity panel size. We can easily reduce or increase the icon size via the Appearance settings which can be opened from dash.

But as I am little crazy to do the things via terminal, after a bit googling, I found the solution as follows.

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