XAMPP in Ubuntu: Desktop Shortcut, Launcher Entry & Home Folder Shortcut Inside HTDOCS

XAMPP is an independent server platform, which consists mainly of the MySQL database (now MariaDB), the Apache web server and interpreters for scripting languages: PHP and Perl. The name comes from the abbreviation of X (for any of the different operating systems), Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl. The program is released under the GNU license and acts as a free web server, it easy to use and able to interpret dynamic pages. Currently, XAMPP is available for all the major operating system (GNU/Linux Distributions, Microsoft Windows, Solaris, and MacOS X).


Here I am discussing some tips after installing the XAMPP in Ubuntu (or any version of GNU/Linux).

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How to Automatically Start XAMPP for a Standard User in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu, XAMPP will not auto start on boot or reboot in usual Installation. We should manually enter the command to start the XAMPP as SUDO user.


But in the case of a standard user in Ubuntu, he cannot use the sudo command as he doesn’t have the admin privilege. In many cases like computer labs where students should not be provided with the admin privilege have to use XAMPP server for their academic needs.

The solution is as given below. Once you do this solution as a privileged user, XAMPP starts automatically while booting into your system (even if you are using unprivileged standard user).

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How to reduce pdf size in linux

In some cases when we are scanning documents and converting them to pdf, the pdf size may be having very high size. If we want to upload this pdf file to some websites, the high size may take much time to upload or some times, the website may not approve to upload files with high size.

We can easily reduce pdf size with a single terminal command in linux.

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“MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME not set” Zekr Qur’an study software java error

Zekr (ذکر) is an open source Quranic desktop application. It is an open platform Quran study tool for browsing and researching on the Quran. Zekr is a Quran-based project, planned to be a universal, open source, and cross-platform application to perform most of the usual refers to the Quran, according to the project website. Zekr is included in the default installation of Sabily Linux distribution.

I installed in my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. But when I tried to open it, I am getting the following error.


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Ubuntu 16.04 LTS – Close lid to suspend

Generally while I was using older versions of Ubuntu (before 16.04) in my laptop, to suspend the system, I just close the lid. But after installing 16.04 LTS, the system is continuing as such without suspend when the lid is closed.Altering the power settings also didn’t give me a solution.

This is a difficult situation for me as I generally do not shutdown my laptop for short periods, rather just suspend it via closing the lid.

After doing a bit research via Google, I got the solution as follows…

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